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The Brent Primary

Year 6 Maths and English




Miss Uyanik's Maths Group

Term 1

15th September 2023Y6 Autumn Block 1 TS4 Powers of 10 on Vimeo 

22nd September 2023 - Y6 Autumn Block 1 TS7 Round any integer on Vimeo 

29th September 2023 - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS1 Add and subtract integers on Vimeo 

6th October 2023 - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS2 Common factors on Vimeo 

13th October 2023 - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS7 Multiply up to a 4digit number by a 2digit number on Vimeo 

20th October 2023 - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS9 Short division on Vimeo 


Term 2

3rd November - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS7 Multiply up to a 4digit number by a 2digit number on Vimeo

10th November - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS12 Long division with remainders on Vimeo

17th November - Y6 Autumn Block 3 TS1 Equivalent fractions and simplifying on Vimeo

24th November - Y6 Autumn Block 3 TS3 Compare and order (denominator) on Vimeo

1st December - Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS16 Mental calculations and estimation on Vimeo

8th DecemberY6 Autumn Block 4 TS5 Mixed questions with fractions on Vimeo


Term 3

12th JanuaryYear 6 Spring Block 1 TS1 Add or multiply on Vimeo


Mrs McEwan's and Mrs Newell's Maths Group

Term 2

17th NovemberY6 Autumn Block 2 TS15 Order of operations on Vimeo

24th NovemberY6 Autumn Block 3 TS2 Equivalent fractions on a number line on Vimeo

1st DecemberY6 Autumn Block 3 TS5 Add and subtract simple fractions on Vimeo

8th December - Y6 Autumn Block 3 TS7 Add mixed numbers on Vimeo

Term 3

12th JanuaryY6 Autumn Block 4 TS3 Divide a fraction by an integer on Vimeo

Mr Lee's Maths Group

Term 1

29th September 2023 - Y5 Autumn Block 2 TS2 Add whole numbers with more than four digits on Vimeo

6th October 2023 - Y5 Autumn Block 2 TS3 Subtract whole numbers with more than four digits on Vimeo




3rd NovemberMC Grammar Apostrophes




White Rose Maths 

Primary Scheme of Learning - 'home learning' lessons, each with an introduction to completing the activity successfully.


Times Table Rock Stars 

Practise your times tables here. 


Hit the Button  

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers.


Multiplication Tables Check  

 Build a daily routine practising your times tables.