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The Brent Primary

The Emotional Wellbeing Team

As a school, we work closely with The Emotional Wellbeing Team for Kent. Emotional Wellbeing Teams are a government initiative also known nationally as Mental Health Support Teams. They are specially trained to help children at school with their emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

The Team can provide support to all children in the school, and work together with everyone in the school community to promote a ‘whole school approach’ to emotional wellbeing and mental health. They can also work with children and their parents/carers in group or 1:1 sessions to support with specific problems.

OSI Programme 

OSI, or Online Support Intervention, is an online platform designed to help parents to learn tools and techniques to help their child (aged 5 to 12 years old) to overcome difficulties with worries/fears/anxiety. 

The OSI Programme has worked with parents/carers to support their child with a range of worries, such as worries related to going into school, bedtime fears, specific phobias e.g., dogs, insects, injections and many more.

The intervention is a combination of weekly calls with the service and online guidance. The aim is to help parents/carers guide their young person to begin to feel braver and happier in overcoming their worry or fear using the OSI techniques. 

If you are interested in accessing the OSI Programme, please speak to a member of the Family Support Team. 


Parenting Support 

The Team can also work with families to support with parenting and understanding your child's behaviour, this will involve working with you and your child together. 

If you are interested in this support, please speak to a member of the Family Support Team.