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The Brent Primary

Our Brent Mental Health Champions

In 2022, we recruited 35 children from within our Year 4 and 5 classes to act as our Brent Mental Health Champions. 

The children had to apply for the role and subsequently attend an interview, in which they shared both their concepts of what a Mental Health Champion at The Brent would be and also their ideas on how we can improve Mental Health in school. 

The children then attended training sessions and had an in-person training day led by One Goal, a company training children within schools all over the UK. They then graduated as Our Brent Mental Health Champions, and their parents were invited in the discuss the role the children now hold. 



Anti-bullying Week- Being an Upstander

Our Mental Health Champions created the following video encouraging people to be an 'Upstander' to bullying, someone who stands up for those being bullied and does not just stand by and ignore when someone is not being treated in the right way.