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The Brent Primary

Block/Lego Therapy

Lego therapy is a play based piece of intervention which focuses on developing collaborative play skills. It was introduced by Dr Daniel LeGoff in 2004 and was designed for use children who have Autism or social interaction difficulties. However, it can be used with all children to support a variety of needs.

We are delighted to have three Block Therapists in school:

Mrs MacDonald - Family Support Manager

Miss Kadir - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dodd - Teaching Assistant 

Lego therapy works on key areas of social interaction, such as; turn taking, listening, initiation, eye contact, problem solving and sharing. In addition to this it works on language concepts such as; size, prepositions and colours.

Within a therapy group, an adult will set the ‘ground rules’ with children and facilitate if necessary. Each child is given a role. These are a builder, supplier and engineer. In addition to this there may be a director role too. Each role contributes towards the success of the Lego model being made.

The language used and the complexity of Lego models can be easily adapted to meet the need of the group.

If we feel Lego Therapy may benefit your child, they will access 10 weekly sessions of 30 minutes each, facilitated by one of our Lego Therapists within school.