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The Brent Primary

STEM Week 2022

During the week of 14th - 18th March, all year groups took part in their own projects for STEM week (science, technology, engineering and maths). The children had a fantastic week celebrating the different activities, using their STEM skills! It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm that each child had for their projects and we wanted to share some of the amazing learning they have done with you.

In Foundation, the children looked at 'The Enormous Turnip' and how fruits and vegetables grow. There are now lots of bulbs growing in the outside area and the children have been watering them to help them grow. The children also looked at creating repeated patterns and using fruits and vegetables for printing their own patterns!

In Year 1, the children had a wonderful week learning about worms! The children looked after worms in the wormery and made information posters. They designed their own wormeries, wrote instructions on how to set one up and even had a little fun making their own edible wormery! The children used digestives and coco pops crushed up as mud and dirt, topped off with jelly worms! Lots of children were measuring worms and couldn't believe that a worm had 5 hearts!

In Year 2, we focused on trees and how trees grow. We discussed whether a taller tree has bigger leaves and even sketched our own trees using charcoal! We wanted to look at how trees were also habitats for animals and used our open space to find which animals lived in our trees at school.

In Year 3, our STEM learning was all about soil!  This term we have been looking at rocks and fossils and even had a school trip to the Natural History Museum. We looked at the soil found in different places of the field and tested it to see the different layers in our own soil jars. We then designed our own flower bed using the soil which we felt would help grow fruits and vegetables best!

In Year 4, our focus was looking at how the mind sees and how the brain can see something differently to what is actually there! Interesting fact: did you know that we all see a rainbow differently based on where you are standing? This is because every person will have a different view and the light will reflect differently dependent on the angle you are viewing the rainbow from! We also looked at illusions and using the idea of is it a cake or not, we designed our own cake objects to try and trick the mind. We also used our photography skills to create our own optical illusions.

In Year 5, the children have learnt about Space as their previous learning topic. Using all this wonderful knowledge, Year 5 have created their own character that could live on Mars! Looking at how animals have adapted to habitats on Earth, we created our own mini Mars Martians! We used this information and discussed the way our own Mars Martian would need to adapt to live there.

In Year 6, the children looked at what the effects of exercise were on the body. We created our own mini gym routines to take part in if we were in a natural environment. This involved lots of sprints, squats and some even used logs for a bench press! It was great to see the children exercising and pushing their bodies to their limits. We then read our heart rates and worked out which exercises had the biggest impact. Some activities raised the heart rate a lot faster than others.  We created graphs and showcased our heart rates in a pictorial way! We have worked out that the positive impact of exercise is far greater than any negative, and we aim to keep this up throughout our lives to become strong and healthy adults!

STEM Week 2022


Examples of our learning: