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The Brent Primary

Parent Survey

carried out October 2018

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Thank you so much for your parent survey responses, it is time to reflect on our successes and decide on our priorities for further improvement in the coming year.

In school, we are particularly pleased that our parents recognise the following strengths:

  • Excellent leadership and shared values across all teaching staff.
  • Good team! Very approachable staff, more like a family than a school.
  • My child feels very secure and happy at the school. There are plenty of people for her to talk to if she feels worried about anything. We have been very well supported with any concerns we've had.
  • I have nothing but positive comments for the school. The teaching my son has received over the past 6 years has been nothing short of excellent. Choosing a child’s first school is a huge decision for parents. I’m glad to say that we got it right.
  • Learning is made fun and enjoyable.
  • Availability of staff, being heard quickly when you have concerns.
  • After school club (sports) have helped my children become young healthy individuals with a drive and passion for sport.
  • Choir (free after school club) has helped my daughter with her speech and language difficulties giving her confidence.
  • There school is innovative and keeping up to date with the modern world.
  • The new building has created more opportunities and space to learn.

Feedback from parents is always important to us. Together, we can make The Brent the best it can be for your children.

Areas for improvement over the coming year

  • More notice for parents evenings please as getting time off to attend these is not easy.
    • A calendar of school events is available on our school website, under News and Calendar. This lists all the key events for the whole school year.
  • Parents parked by St Johns gate is terrible and unsafe.
    • Reminders on Parentmail and Newsletters to remind parents about safer parking. As a school we are working with Dartford Council to seek other solutions.
  • Would like more feedback as to how he is doing and what we can do to assist where possible.
    • The annual school reports will go out at the end of Term 4 this year so that parents can support their child with their learning through terms 5 and 6.
  • The wooden gate into the playground areas via St Johns road needs to be made bigger.
    • We recognise this and have plans to create a wider gate in the spring.
  • The jump from reception to year one feels like it has been a big one and I don't think I was prepared for that.
    • We have adopted the Child initiated approach through into Year 1 to make transitions easier for our children.
  • Pick up after clubs is chaotic and can be dangerous after football when the children are leaving via the car park.
    • Collection points have been changed in response to this.

I would like to thank all parents for your fantastic support, including the constructive feedback that helps move our school forward.

The bar chart below uses the key: 5 = strongly agree 1 = strongly disagree