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History of our School

This fine old 'smock' windmill is reputed to have been built for a Mr Pigou by John Hall, the Dartford engineer.

First mentioned in 1799, it stood 1 mile (1.6 km) east south east of Dartford Church. Working until 1886, it was demolished c. 1901.

Stone School was officially opened on December 10th 1894, one of many schools which resulted from the passing of the 1870 Education Act and the Act of 1880 making some attendance at school compulsory.  The Victorian building, which can still be seen today, was designed by a Mr Walford, a Northfleet architect, and built by a Mr Seager from Sittingbourne.

The first entry in the log book, recorded by Mr R W Allen, the Headmaster, tells us that 145 children were present on the opening day.  A year later the school was inspected by Her Majesty's Inspectors (yes, even then!), who were pleased with what they found and reported the school to be 'in good order'.

1933 - The Garden

All built and worked by the boys, the garden had a pond, flower and vegetable beds linked with paths of gravel and broken slabs, a rockery, trellis work to support the climbing plants and a seat to rest and admire their work.

The birdbath was made of bricks with a 4" iron pipe through the centre, topped with an enamel bowl and covered in cement fetched from the factory by the boys after school time.