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The Brent Primary

Our Curriculum

At The Brent we Ignite Ambition through Learning!

Ignite is The Brent’s bespoke curriculum designed to meet the needs of our children whilst ensuring the requirements of the National Curriculum are met.

Enriched with visitors, outdoor learning and active engagement our Ignite Curriculum provides children opportunities to embed their new found skills, within a meaningful context. Which will, in turn, create resilient learners for life.


Our ambitious curriculum ignites the spark within children to learn collaboratively. Through an inspiring enquiry question we foster children’s curiosity to further their knowledge about their local environment and beyond.

Using their Growth Mindsets children take responsibility for their learning showing resilience and respect for the world around them.

The foundations of our Ignite Curriculum are derived from our close location to the River Thames.

Through continually revisiting our key concepts children make links to prior and future learning. Retrieving this knowledge, enables children to know more and remember more and apply this in different contexts, strengthening their long-term memory and deepening their understanding.