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Reading at The Brent School is at the heart of our learning!

It underpins our IGNITE curriculum and is an essential skill we teach daily through many different approaches:

  • Daily English lessons – which include reading and discussing a range of texts as a class or in a group. Skills such as inference and deduction are taught as well as grammatical and punctuation conventions.
  • An ‘Opening Doors’ approach to reading within school – link to English page on website
  • Talk for writing – link to English page on website
  • Daily Guided Reading sessions (when developmentally appropriate) - children read and discuss texts in a small group with adult support. This has a focus on developing inference and deduction skills.
  • As a Reading Recovery school, we have a Reading Recovery teacher who
    supports children needing additional support with developing their reading
    skills in Year 1.
  • Some of our Teaching Assistants are trained Better Reading Partners and support children’s reading development on a daily basis.
  • Access to our school library that contains a broad range of fiction and non- fiction texts.

Our Reading Scheme

All children are provided with reading books from our scheme that matches their current stage of development – the books are colour banded. Books are chosen by the children, with support from their teacher and discussed regularly.

In Early Years children will take home a scheme book and one that matches their current phonic ability.  These books will be changed weekly. Initially, they will also take home a picture book for parents to read with them to ensure they have every opportunity to develop their language skills and enjoy a shared reading experience. By reading regularly at home children are much more likely to develop early fluency and become life-long readers.

In Year 1 children will take home a developmentally appropriate book from our school reading scheme and one that matches their current phonic ability. These books will be changed weekly.

All children in EYFS and Year 1 will also have the daily opportunity to choose a book from their class book area to take to share at home.

In Year 2 and above children will take home a reading book from our school scheme that matches their current development in reading. These books will be changed daily.

Supporting Reading at Home

At The Brent we expect children to read at home on a regular basis (at least 10 mins daily) as it forms a key component of our home learning expectations.  Even when children become fluent independent readers we will still encourage reading together and discussing the book to secure good comprehension skills. It is also important for you to model reading to your child so they see adults in their lives as readers. 

Please see the links below to further support your child’s reading at home

 We also promote bedtime stories – your child is never too old for one!

Reading Eggs

As a school we have invested in a programme called Reading Eggs which is an online reading platform that uses a sequence of online reading lessons, activities and books to further develop children’s reading and comprehension skills.

You can access Reading Eggs here.

We believe the best way to teach reading is through the use of real story books and this is the way we will continue to teach reading at school. We will also continue to provide reading books for your children in the same way we are currently. However, during these difficult times, we believe this programme will be a good way to support and supplement your child’s reading experience at home.

For further information and support with the Reading Eggs programme please look at the 3P Learning website here.