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The Brent Primary


RE at The Brent follows the Kent Agreed Syllabus.

The RE curriculum is organised and taught in the following ways:

  • The curriculum for RE aims to ensure that all pupils can describe, explain and analyse beliefs and practices.
  • It is enquiry based and through this we enable the children to explore challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human.
  • Each Year group begins with a question to encourage curiosity and interest.
  • Through our teaching we encourage the children to express their personal reflections and critical responses to questions and teachings about identity, diversity, meaning and value, including ethical issues.
  • Pupil responses and the sequence of learning are recorded as a visual display in each classroom.
  • We advocate the use of artefacts in RE to bring the topics alive and encourage reasoning skills.
  • Termly assemblies enhance our curriculum through stories, drama and real life experiences.
  • Educational Visits include visits to the local Churches and religious buildings. We welcome visits from people of different faiths to work with our staff and pupils.
  • Our curriculum has time built in to incorporate local and global events to be taught and for curriculum enrichment and collaborative events e.g. cultural days, music festivals and dance.
  • Pupil conferencing informs teachers and the RE lead of areas of strength and weakness in pupil knowledge. This information is used to inform planning and next steps to ensure the curriculum is meaningful and meets the need of all pupils.
  • Teachers adapt their delivery, resources and support for vulnerable groups ie SEN or EAL to ensure all pupils develop their understanding and can express their opinions.


What Diwali means to a member of our staff.


Assemblies - Getting Ready for Christmas!

given by Rev Kenneth Clark of Stone Church, St Mary the Virgin


Classroom Displays




Messy Church


Visit to Stone St Mary's Church