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The Brent Primary


Every child at The Brent engages in quality music education from their entry into Reception until the end of Year 6.

In the Early Years, music is incorporated consistently into daily routines and is used to enhance teaching of the core curriculum in addition to being taught as a stand-alone subject. In KS1 and KS2, pupils participate in weekly singing assemblies as well as a class music lesson, incorporating a range of instruments and a variety of skills, in line with the national curriculum.

We link our learning and use computer programming to create graphic scores of our own compositions.

We learn to read and write music in different ways, including ukulele chords and traditional notation.

As part of listening to a range of different musical styles, we show our thoughts and feelings in different ways. Here you can see the drawings created while listening to two parts of The Planet Suite by Gustav Holst.

Although we work hard on performance throughout the year, some events are more public, and therefore nerve-wracking, than others.

The choir have performed in assemblies, and they bravely sang at Bluewater Shopping centre at Christmas.

All the classes sing in their class assemblies and it is lovely to hear such a range of musical styles performed.

Year 6 work hard learning new songs with Dartford Choral Project, and perform these in front of an audience.