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The Brent Primary


At The Brent Primary School the Arts are both celebrated and valued.

We believe that Art has the power to not only educate but to inspire and motivate our children. It contributes to developing well rounded children, by allowing them to express themselves and communicate through a variety of different means.

Art at The Brent is organised and taught in the following ways

Our Reception Year follows the Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, with a high emphasis on independence with a balance of quality child-initiated and adult led learning. Over the course of the year children in the EYFS have access to a variety of art experiences which are resourced through art areas in each individual classroom. 

KS1 builds on these experiences and children begin to develop techniques. Over the key stage, children develop their observational skills by looking at a range of different artists. They learn to talk about paintings and art work observing similarities and differences. Through hands on experiences linked to our IGNITE curriculum children are inspired to makes links to their own work and that of others.

Following these experiences children in KS2 develop these skills further. Through continued practice they develop effective techniques. Children learn about inspiring artists, architects and designers by looking at artwork and learning about their history through our IGNITE curriculum.

Our Art Gallery

To showcase Art at The Brent we have our very own Art Gallery located within school, where everyone can celebrate the creativity that Is happening within the classrooms. Here are some examples;