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The Brent Primary

Do Something Different Day

Miss Nowell's Challenge

Why not have a go at making your own bird feeder at home? Those hungry birds will certainly appreciate it!

Mrs Kowalska's Challenge

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both spiritual and physical. Can you have a go at trying these yoga poses? Do you know any others? Once you have had a go, can you put them into a sequence of your own?

Miss Simmonds Challenge

Can you learn the actions and vocabulary to 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in Spanish?

Ms Green's Challenge

The weather is improving and Spring is on the way! It's a great time to go outside and see the beauty in our surroundings! Look closely at what you can see around you. There are so many interesting lines, shapes and patterns in our natural and urban environment. How many can you spot? How would you describe them?

Mrs Walsh's Challenge

The sun is shining and it feels like spring is in the air, so it's time to get creative! You will notice that spring flowers are starting to grow and some of the trees are beginning to blossom, which is a sure sign spring is on the way. This craft activity is inspired by blossom trees. Next time you are on a walk, see if you can spot a blossom tree beginning to bloom.

Miss Collcutt's Challenge

 Can you make your own glider?  How far will your glider go?  Join me in making your very own!  You will need card/paper, a straw, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, tape, blu tack/paper clips, however if you only have paper you can still make one!

When you have made your glider practise throwing it and measure how far it travels.  Can you change the weight using the blu tack?  What happens when you make it heavier?  Can you make it travel further?  What would happen if we used less weight?  There are different shaped gliders you could make for example with different shaped wings.  See if this makes a difference to how far it travels!  Have fun!

Miss Crow's Challenge

How many throws can you do without the paper touching the floor? 

Top tip: remember to watch the paper as you throw it into the air, as this will help you catch it with the cardboard!

You could even challenge yourself to flip your hand between throws, or even ask somebody to play with you. Don't forget to keep count of how many throws you make and try to beat your best score! You could send a photo or video to your teacher of your co-ordination skills too.

Miss Kemmenoe's Challenge


Tuesday 16th February is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day). Shrove Tuesday marks the start of the Christian festival of Lent. People traditionally cook and eat pancakes to use up foods such as fat, eggs and milk before Lent. To make these pancakes you will need 100g of plain flour, 2 eggs, 300ml of milk and oil/butter.  

Miss Greasby's Challenge

Why not try a winter Scavenger Hunt? Go outside and explore! You could use this checklist to help you or take photos of the signs of winter. Think about how winter is different to autumn and how the weather changes and impacts the environment and everything in it.

Miss Anderson's Challenge

It's time to step away from screens and be creative! I would like you to make a piece of artwork that represents the view from your window, using any media you like. This could be pencils, pens, crayons, paint, collage, clay etc! It is entirely up to you!

You could create a representation of:

  • The actual view from your window
  • An imaginary view from your window
  • A view you want for the future when you look out of your window

Here are some things to think about:

1. Do you want to include the window frame or not?

2. Do you want to include an interior scene along with the view outdoors?

3. What view do you get in different directions?

4. Is there something that is fun or sends a message?

5. Can ordinary everyday objects make an interesting subject?

Miss Brookman's Challenge


Puddle jumping!  Can you find different size puddles?  Which puddle is the deepest and how are they formed?  Watch what happens when you force your feet in to the puddle... did you see the ground?  Why do you think this is?  Puddles are great fun to jump in but so much happens when you slow the jump down, take a look for yourselves!  Don't forget to put your wellies on, or you may get soggy socks!

Miss Hammond's Challenge


During these strange times, it’s extremely important to get ourselves outside to promote our physical and mental wellbeing. Why not use one of your daily walks to get your senses tingling, practising mindfulness. On your walk take the time to look, listen, feel and smell around you. What do you notice about being outside? How does it make you feel? Does it improve your mood?

Miss Chidlow's Challenge


There is so much history here in our school! Our Victorian building opened as a school in 1894 and our new build opened to children in 2018. We have a great mix of old and new!

  • Take a walk in your local area and look at the history surrounding you. Can you spot anything that was built before our Victorian building? Or anything that was built after our new build? We would love to see anything you find, so please send pictures to your class teacher!
  • Can you calculate how much older our Victorian building is than our new build? And how many years has it been since the school has been open?